The Green Puffle and what you Should Know

A game that can be played with ease

Green PuffleIf you are unsure about the kind of games that you can allow your kids to play, there is one game that you will be pleased to know has been designed for children. Thus, the security and safety of your children is not something that you will have to worry about when they indulge in this game. This is the kind of game that parents can introduce their children to and then put their worries to rest. We are talking about Club Penguin developed by Disney. This game has all the features that ensure that it does not lead to any sort of negative impact on the children.

The game comprises of players, both free and paid members. Each member is provided with an igloo as his house, which he can make accessible for other penguins on the map if he wishes to do so. The member also has the option of purchasing bigger igloos. The game is divided into different rooms and sections.

The Green Puffle – Oldest one to be developed

The Green Puffle is a breed of pets that are featured in the game. It is one of the four puffles that were developed at the beginning of the game in 2005. By making use of the Green Puffle, you can earn more stamps. The Club Penguin Puffles were made available for the penguins to adopt in 2006. Even non-members can purchase the Green Puffle via the treasure book. To adopt this puffle, you will need 400 coins. The most famous of the Green Puffle is the keeper of the boiler room. The hardest stamp that you have to collect is the Jet Pack Fuel, which has to be collected while you are falling to the ground.

If we talk about appearance, the Green Puffle has been given the appearance of a bright green fur with an orange tongue. It is known for its clown-like personality and is found to be quite active. In the game, you will mostly get to see it with a propeller cap or a unicycle. It is playable in Puffle Launch and Pufflescape.

If we talk about the characteristics of the breed, you will find that the Green Puffle is quite energetic and playful. As has been mentioned before, it tends to keep you amused with its clown-like activities. Its favorite toys are the unicycle and propeller cap, while its Elite Puffle item is the propeller cap. Its most special and endearing feature is that it likes to clown around. It washes itself in the bath and afterwards, it uses a hair dryer. For dancing, it floats in the air, making use of the propeller cap to do so. It drools after falling asleep. It also sticks out its tongue while riding a unicycle and carrying a hobo stick. This breed, which is the fastest of all the puffles including the white puffle, grooms itself by tying eight pigtails and shaking itself.

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