Sensei – the Gray, Wise Club Penguin Character

SenseiSensei is a Japanese word many of us are familiar with. It is used to refer to a teacher, a doctor, an elder, or someone wise and old in general. Sensei, in Club Penguin, is a character that holds to the name. He is a wise and gray penguin that has lived on the island for a long time. He is probably the oldest penguin of the island and knows about everything. He is very knowledgeable and wise. Everyone on the island respects this Club Penguin character because of his skills and intelligence.

Sensei is a ninja who was first introduced in the ‘Dig out the Dojo’ project. He is found inside the Dojo and wears Japanese style robe along with a traditional Japanese straw hat. He is the only Club Penguin character, besides Captain Rockhopper, to have natural facial hair. He trains other penguins of the island in the ancient art of Card-jitsu which he is highly proficient in. He wears gray clothes, a color which is not available to other players in the game and is also the only gray penguin in the game. The presence of gray in his appearance only emphasizes the fact that he is older than the rest of the penguins on the island.

His wisdom can be attributed to his age and the fact that he has roamed the wilderness for a long time. He knows a lot about the island – more than anyone else – and always talks in the form of haiku poems. This makes it difficult to understand the Club Penguin character but makes it apparent that he is a traditional, smart, and wise penguin.

Sensei has an interesting history and was not a ninja from the beginning. Before most penguins appeared on the Club Penguin island, he was a usual citizen. Then, the power of fire, water, and snow caught his attention and he vanished into the wilderness to learn about them. He journeyed the previously undiscovered parts of the island.

Long time before he learned the art of Card-jitsu, Sensei was friends with Tusk, a walrus. They used to play together as kids and have snowball fights together. One day, Tusk made a snow penguin while Sensei made a statue of the future Dojo which was clearly better than what Tusk had created. From that point, Tusk’s bitterness towards Sensei will start to develop. They both used to train and master the elements together but Tusk could never master the finery which Sensei had. He later showed his bitterness and envy by throwing a gigantic snowball at Sensei which Sensei threw back at him with his powers. This caused an avalanche and Tusk was buried beneath a lot of snow. Sensei tried to look for him but could not find him while Tusk thought Sensei didn’t care about him and grew a bit more bitter. This turned him into an antagonist.

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