Rockhopper – The Friendly Club Penguin Character

RockhopperAny Club Penguin player knows the happiness of meeting the celebrities of the game. When you meet them, you can obtain their special stamp from them and also get free items that they give away. Rockhopper comes as a meetable character to the island sometimes and lucky ones get to visit him when he is on the island (there is also a tracker if you need help finding him). Every player that meets Rockhopper receives his stamp when he comes as a mascot.

Rockhopper is a very friendly pirate who docks at the Club Penguin Island at irregular intervals. In fact, it is impossible to predict when the Club Penguin character would come next and people wait anxiously for his arrival. Not only does he give away a free item to every penguin that meets him, he also sells items from his catalog, also known as the ‘Rockhopper’s Rare Items’, to members who can purchase them using Club Penguin coins. His catalog comprises many items for penguins, their homes, as well as puffles. These items are only available on his island, the Rockhopper Island and can only be purchased from Rockhopper during his visit.

It is not usual for Rockhopper to visit the island as a meetable character but when he does, he is almost always accompanied by his puffle, Yarr. They both roam around the island and even play games with other penguins of the island. Rockhopper carries his adventure journal with him and tells other penguins the tales of his adventure. This Club Penguin character is like no other on the game and his unique love for adventure makes him absolutely adorable.

Rockhopper has a personality which adds a lot of solid fun to the game. He is depicted as an adventurous pirate with love for thrill and excitement. He is also very brave, courageous, and active in his way of life. He is not afraid of anything and even fought an enormous squid without any help from any other penguin. His full of life attitude is why so many penguins love him.

Another great aspect to the personality of this Club Penguin character is his love for a little peace sometimes. When he visits the island, he himself has stated many times that he prefers relaxing and enjoying a cream soda than walking around the island. Despite his disinterest in touring the island, his love for sea remains unbeatable. Rockhopper loves the sea and adores sailing around. He loves exploring the sea and his ship, The Migrator, has been with him in many expeditions. There is also a guide to help find him if he’s near the island.

The Migrator is a ship which has been the primary carrier for Rockhopper who has traveled between the Rockhopper Island and the Club Penguin Island. The Migrator is not just used for transportation but is also offered as place to play Treasure Hunt when Rockhopper comes to visit the island. Penguins love to play the game and Rockhopper’s visit is one of the most joyful moments in the game.

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