How to Create a Penguin

Hello Penguins! Today, I’ll be showing you how to create a new penguin. You should read these complete Club Penguin guides below if you’re new to this online game, called Club Penguin.Let’s get started!


Club Penguin

1.  First, go to and press the ‘Play Now!’ button in the top right corner. After the next page loads, click on ‘Create a Penguin’.

2.  Enter a name for your penguin, choose a color for it and create a password.After that, enter your parent’s e-mail. Make sure to check the box for Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy. Press the ‘Next’ button!

3.  Now, you should check the e-mail you have entered on the last step. If the mail doesn’t arrive immediately, check back in like 5 minutes. Anyways, open the message and press the big, blue ‘Activate Account’.

4.  You will be asked if you want your penguin account to be on Ultimate Safe Chat or just on Standard Safe Chat. If you choose the Safe mode, you won’t be able to write your own messages, which you can do with the Standard Safe Chat. I recommend you to choose the first option. At the end, click ‘Activate!’.

5.  Your account is now activated! You will now see some main Club Penguin rules, but in general, you’re ready to play! Press the ‘Play Now’ button and start having fun on the snow covered island of Club Penguin! Don’t forget to to check out the other awesome guides.

That would be the end of this guide on how to create a new penguin. If you’re new, this should help you.. Did it? Make sure to drop a comment and let us know!

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