How to be a Fire Ninja on Club Penguin

You can begin your fire ninja journey on Club Penguin by playing Card-Jitsu Fire at the Volcano. Here’s the official Club Penguin guide to becoming a Club Penguin Fire Ninja. You can become a ninja after you learn how to create a penguin.


Fire Ninja on Club Penguin

Here’s how to claim a free Card-Jitsu Fire Deck:

  1. Open up the Club Penguin Map and go to the Dojo Courtyard.
  2. Enter the Ninja Hideout, and then click on the tombstone to open the Volcano’s entrance.
  3. Go into the Volcano and talk to the Fire Sensei to claim a free Card-Jitsu Fire starter deck.

Card-Jitsu Fire Card Powers:

When battling an opponent, your goal is to have a stronger card than him/her. You should aim for the highest card in the chosen power (Fire, Ice, or Water).

– Always choose the strongest (highest) card of the type of power chosen (Fire, Ice, or Water).
– If for some crazy unknown reason that two awesome penguins stop at the same stone, or if that same stone could possibly have 2 of the really cool Jitsu cards on it, the two awesome penguins have to go to war. May the best penguin win! Of course, you can only do this long after you’ve created a penguin.
– If you land on a stone with Fire, Ice, and Water on it, choose your strongest card.

How to win in Card-Jitsu Fire:

To win a game of Card-Jitsu Fire, you’ll need to have your opponent(s) run out of energy. You can also gain energy by defeating opponent(s) in a one on one Card-Jitsu Fire battle.

How to earn Fire Ninja Clothing Items:

You can earn Fire Ninja Clothing Items by competing for them. You can collect four different clothing items including the Fiery Helmet, Cava Mask, Magma Coat, and the Flame Sandals. These items will be the building blocks of your Card-Jitsu Fire ninja suit. Once you’ve got your Fire Ninja Clothing, step over and give mission 1, the case of the missing Puffles a try.

Tip: You can check your progress to earning a new fire ninja item in the Card-Jitsu Fire progress menu which is part of another one of the guides.

Defeating the Fire Sensei:

After building your Fire Ninja Suit, you can challenge the Fire Sensei in Sensei Mode to learn the Fire Ninja Dance. It will take five or more battles to defeat the Fire Sensei.

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