How to Adopt a Cute Gold Puffle

Golden PuffleA gold puffle is also known as a golden puffle. And before we talk about how you can adopt that adorable shiny puffle, let’s first find out some amazing things about the cute character. Did you know that this particular pet is considered to be lucky and energetic all the time? Well it is, and to top that it also loves to dig shiny gold things out for you. That just makes it all the more desirable. Just like me, its favorite food is pizza, and when you tickle it specks of gold fly off the puffle. Well after reading all that, I just want to get my hands on one right now.

The Six Steps to Getting your Very Own Gold Puffle are as followed:

Step One: Let’s Visit the Pet Shop

Here is a quick little guide to getting your hands on one of these. The first thing you need to do is make your way to the pet shop. Once you are there find yourself the Club Penguin Puffle hut, but wait don’t click on it. Look on the right side of the puffle hut and you will see a golden O- berry eating puffle on the top of a station. That’s the one you need to click on, and your penguin will automatically make its way over there. Remember you need to be walking a puffle for this to work.

Step Two: You need 10 Coins for this part

Once you have clicked on it find the part where it asks you to insert ten coins, you must have these ten coins to get your hands on a golden puffle.

Step Three: Let’s leave the machine and go to the pet shop

Once you have inserted ten coins, you need to make your way to the pet store again and your puffle will just jump up and eat the golden O- berry this is the most fun part. And just like that, you will see a golden O- berry symbol appear on top of your cute little puffle’s head.

Step Four: The Quest of the Golden Nuggets

You know how we told you in the start that the Golden puffle digs up anything gold, well you need to walk your new awesome puffle around the island, and it will dig you up some awesome golden nuggets. You need to collect fifteen of these to finish the quest. If you have a hard time finishing this quest, you can always check out the Club Penguin cheats for some additional help.

Step Five: A trip to the Gold Mine

Once you have all the golden nuggets, you need to find your way to the gold mine. At the bottom of your screen you will find a secret entrance to another room, once you click on it, you will enter the other room.

Step Six: The Bridge

When you enter the room, you will see a bridge, click on the bridge and everything will start happening automatically. The jackhammer will break down all the golden nuggets, and you will see your gold puffle appear. And before you know it your shiny new Golden puffle will bounce on over to you. The rest is simple you just name your golden puffle by typing in the name and click on the adopt button. And what do you know, you have your very own gold puffle.


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