Gary, The Gadget Guy – The Genius in Club Penguin

Gary the Gadget GuyEvery setting of the world remains incomplete without an inventor. A character that has the mental capabilities to create new things and zeal for intelligent inventions is important to complete any virtual setting. The Club Penguin character that completes the setting of Club Penguin Island is Gary. He is the gadget guy of the game and is a smart and friendly character. He is not just a scientist but also owned the Sports Shop before. He is also an Elite Penguin Foundation agent but maintains secrecy for the most part. However, it has been noted that he has told players about a bit of information on occasions. He also never talks about his friendship with Aunt Arctic, the director of Elite Penguin Foundation.

Gary has gone through multiple personality changes throughout the game. In the beginning, Gary was a smart, intelligent yet really timid personality. It was easy to scare him and he didn’t have much tendency to act as a superior to anyone. It has particularly been noted that Gary, even during Elite Penguin Foundation missions like the first Club Penguin Walkthrough mission, the Case of the Missing Puffles, where he was in charge of many activities, acted more as a team member and less as an issuer of orders. Later, he developed a more confident personality and became less shy and timid. He is also seen in many parties and appears as a mascot more often than he did before. Gary himself has revealed that he has grown much more comfortable in social settings and continues to act as the suave, smart scientist that the Club Penguin character is. If you ever want to meet Gary, you can also use a tracker to find him.

His inventions, previously, were more about Elite Penguin Foundation and were created to aid the missions. Presently, his inventive capabilities have also seen a transformation and he innovates, not for the Elite Penguin Foundation but for more realistic purposes. The change has been noticed in how he names his inventions more realistically now. Some of the inventions of the Club Penguin character have been available around the Club Penguin Island for use by the penguins while many of them were created for Elite Penguin Foundation. The names of his inventions typically end with a number (usually 3000) the reason for which was later revealed. The reason is that Gary’s 2999 prototypes fail and the 3000th model works fine which is why the previous ones are discarded while the 3000th is promoted for further use.

His inventions as G for Elite Penguin Foundation have been very useful. He has created the Spy Phone, Spy Gadget, Command Coach, Snow Trekker, Heads Up 3000, Spy Camera 3000, among many other. These inventions have aided the missions and helped the player immensely.

He has also invented for his own benefit and wishes like the Eye Scan 3000 and Ice Cream Trekker. His inventions are not always useful and he has also created some pretty useless gadgets (like the Cheese 3000).

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