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Club Penguin System Defender

Club Penguin has released a new level in System Defender called “Track Herbert”. The Defender System level in Club Penguin is quite difficult as it requires precise planning and strategy. After completing the Defender System level in Club Penguin,I’ve decided to put up an enormous (but helpful) Club Penguin System Defender “Herbert Trackers”Ultimate Guide. In this post,you will find the most accurate cheats &tips to completing the new System Defender level.

Firstly,login Club Penguin and waddle inside the Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Headquarters. To begin playing the new System Defender level,click the large red screen at the top-left corner reading “System Defender”, as I’m sure you’ll notice, there are no puffles here.. There will be a message at the beginning explaining that the Club Penguin EPF mainframe is under attack again. Click the “Defend System”button to proceed. It is highly recommended to switch to bad quality (press +) before playing the new System Defender level because you will  lag.

When first starting the level,place the purple cannon on the highlighted square to destroy the first bot coming,which is a medium purple bot. As soon as you destroy the medium purple bot,pick up the gear and place it on the purple cannon. This will destroy every purple cannon coming your way in just 1 shot.

Once all the purple cannons are destroyed,quickly place as many red and yellow cannons as possible because a swarm of red and yellow bots will be heading your way. After that,you mainly have to keep your game stable (meaning don’t overdose on 1 specific cannon). BUT – There is a very large swarm of red and yellow cannons coming your way,so you must get prepared.

This Defender System level in Club Penguin has exactly 16 slots,therefore I planned a mini graph and here is how your level should look like before the large swarm of red and yellow bots:

  • 2 purple cannons (Both should be upgraded at least once)
  • 6 red cannons (2 of them should be fully upgraded,3 of them should be upgraded at least once and 1 will be there for extra protection)
  • 8 yellow cannons (3 –4 of them should be fully upgraded and the rest must be upgraded at least once)

The reason you will not need many purple cannons is because they’re slow and with the help of the other cannons,they shouldn’t be too difficult to destroy. You will need lots of red cannons because of the enormous swarm thats coming near the end of the level. You’ll need more yellow cannons than the others because at the very end of the level,the large yellow bots are very difficult to defeat considering they’re both strong at fast.

Once you’ve finished this new Club Penguin System Defender level,Gary the Gadget Guy character will confirm that Herbert P. Bear will be hiding at the Toughest Mountain. That basically means that one of the special rooms for the Club Penguin Great Snow Race Party will be called the Toughest Mountain. The question is:why is Herbert hiding there and what is he really planning?

Finally,you will receive a congratulations notification for completing the new Club Penguin System Defender level. You will also obtain a reward of 2 medals which you can use to purchase Club Penguin EPF Gear. Lastly,you will be rewarded with the brand new Track Herbert stamp (Extreme).

I really hope this Club Penguin System Defender “Track Herbert”Guide of helped all of you complete the newest Club Penguin Trackers. If this guide did help you,it would be greatly appreciated if you left a comment below. Thanks and good luck,agents!

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