Club Penguin Walkthrough – Herbert P Bear, the Evil Polar Bear

Club Penguin Walkthrough - Herbert P BearClub Penguin is filled with adorable characters that are great at certain things. Puffle Handler loves puffles and is very knowledgeable in the subject of puffles while Gary the gadget guy is a genius inventor who creates new gadgets every now and then. Rockhopper is a friendly and lovable pirate that almost all Club Penguin characters like while Aunt Arctic is a witty and responsible penguin who is more than just a news reporter. Every story, however, is incomplete if there is no twist. Without the presence of an antagonist, the protagonists don’t really get a chance to show their real skill. Herbert P. Bear is that antagonist and cane be seen in action in the Club Penguin Walkthrough Mission 7 – Clockwork Repair.

He is a polar bear and a main Club Penguin character despite neither being a penguin nor a positive character. In fact, he is the only known polar bear in the entire game. Despite being a polar bear, Herbert hates cold weather and wants to turn Club Penguin Island into a warm island. This seems unrealistic and counterproductive but for reasons unknown to other penguins of the island, he seems to have a great liking for warm weather. Also, he does not know how to swim which is very strange because of his species. This Club Penguin character is the enemy of almost every penguin on the island.

Herbert was not evil from the beginning but his current character traits can be attributed to the situations he went through. He took birth in the Arctic Circle and because of his hatred for cold weather, started to head down south on a small iceberg. After traveling for some time, the ocean currents took over the control of his transportation and he was carried to the Club Penguin Island by the sea. He tried to leave the island but his efforts were in vain because he could not swim and fell into the sea. He was then rescued by Klutzy who then became his best friend. The two found a habitable cave where they set up their home. Then, Herbert decided that it would be a mistake to leave the island because he could end up in a colder place.

He developed a distaste for penguins because of their loud music and frequent parties. This turned him into a villain for the penguins as he decided to intervene in their lives and cause them distress. He has tried to cause destruction on the island multiple times and is almost always the prime suspect in any case that happens in Club Penguin Island. He finds penguins and puffles extremely annoying and wants to destroy them and turn the island into his own warm paradise.

Herbert has appeared as a meetable Club Penguin character a couple of times and has given a free stamp and background to those who met him. He has also invented some machines to cause chaos in the Club Penguin Island.

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