Club Penguin Trackers

Welcome to the Club Penguin Trackers 2016 page! This is a complete list of all the trackers currently available within Club Penguin. While you all are waddling around Club Penguin, check out our list of trackers to make you gameplay more enjoyable. And of course, once you’ve tried out a few of the trackers, don’t forget to try out a Club Penguin Walkthrough as well.

  • club penguin trackersAunt Arctic Tracker – Is one of the original penguins and originally started on Club Penguin in 2009. Once you track her you’ll be able to pick up her stamp and you’ll also be able to have a limited edition background as well.
  • Candence Tracker – She’s a special penguin and one of the coolest penguins on the island. Once you find Candence you’ll be able to pick up a limited edition background and if you ask her, you can also be her new friend!
  • Cece and Rocky Tracker – Ok, everybody knows about the hit Disney show “Shake it Up!” well Cece and Rocky are now on Club Penguin. Check out the tracker to find them and when you do you’ll be able to pick up a limited edition background!
  • Gary Tracker – Gary is one of the coolest and smartest guys on Club Penguin. Gary is always inventing new stuff. He’s also an Elite Penguin Force Agent and loves every type of gadget. Once you’ve tracked down this elusive guy, you’ll be able to ask him for a limited edition background and also his cool stamp.
  • Herbert Tracker – Now this guy Herbert is one bad guy. His a well-known criminal among the inhabitants of the island. If you can manage to track him down, try to bring him to justice by turning him into the Club Penguin Police.
  • Moderator Tracker – Now these guys aren’t famous or anything within the island of Club Penguin but they’ve sure got an important job. These folks are the penguins who keep the island safe and secure for everyone to play on. You won’t get much with this track but you’ll have some piece of mind that someone has your back.
  • Penguin Band Tracker – Now these are some cool mascots! If you manage to track these guys down, you’ll be rocking all day with their amazing music. There’s a total of four guys in the band. Stompin’ Bob plays the guitar, G Billy bangs on the drums, Petey plays the accordion, and Franky plays the keyboard. Once you find them, hang out a while and enjoy the fun!
  • Puffle Handler Tracker – This mascot has an awesome job. She hangs out and takes care of the puffles on the island. It’s a tough job but she loves it. If you can find her, she’ll turn over her limited edition background just for you.
  • Rockhopper Tracker – Don’t fear this penguin! He is a famous pirate but he’s not harmful. Once you get a glimpse of him you can hang out with him and he’ll tell you all about his days being a pirate and searching for the sunken treasure.
  • Rookie Tracker – Rookie is a crazy guy and by far the funniest of all the mascots on the island. He works for the Elite Penguin Force. He’s one of those guys who’s always the life of the party so you can usually find him hanging out wherever a party is!
  • Sensei Tracker – Who doesn’t love Sensei? He’s the all-knowing master of Card Jitsu. Once you track him down you’ll have the opportunity to sit and talk with him. Maybe you too will be as enlightened as Sensei is.