Club Penguin Sensei Tracker

Club Penguin Sensei TrackerHey everyone! Today Sensei has finally arrived to Club Penguin, and I have all of the Club Penguin Cheats posted here! I have tons of exclusive tips on finding Sensei, and this guide will make it a lot easier to find him on Club Penguin. Here is the accurate Club Penguin Tracker I was able to make. Be sure to refresh for any tracker updates. Check it out.

Club Penguin Sensei Tracker

Alright, now here are 15 exclusive tips that will help you find Sensei yourself. Check it out.

  • Sensei will be wearing a big tan colored hat, which will make it easier to find him.
  • He will most likely ONLY appear at the Ninja Hideout, so all you will have to do is check servers.
  • If you find a crowd somewhere in the Ninja Hideout, check the users in the room to see if Sensei is there.
  • Use comments on this post to help each other find Sensei (be honest)!
  • Be the first to comment on this post if you find Sensei on Club Penguin.
  • Use the tracker above and refresh it as much as you can to help you find Sensei.
  • He only logs on for about 15 minutes in one server, so try finding him fast by using my tracker!
  • For a faster and more accurate tracker, refresh the page manually by pushing the F5 key on your keyboard.
  • He will most likely log into a server with 4-5 bars on it, so be sure to check the busy servers the most.
  • His favorite servers include Mammoth, Frozen, and Blizzard. Check those servers the most when you want to find him.
  • You can join up with other penguins to help find Sensei in my only chat room. The banner for it is on the sidebar.
  • If you think Sensei is in the Ninja Hideout at a certain server, keep trying to get in!
  • Never check rooms other the the Ninja Hideout. He will ONLY be at the Ninja Hideout on a server!
  • Sensei is always online, so I will surely update the tracker when I find Sensei on Club Penguin.
  • Keep checking back for all of the latest news about Sensei.

Well, those are all of the tips so far! I will add tons more tips very soon. So be sure to check back for full exclusive Club Penguin Guides on how to find Sensei on Club Penguin. Also, when you find Sensei, be sure to get his background! Just click on the brown box icon on his player card. Tell me what you think!


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