Puffles are cute little creatures that exclusively live on Club Penguin Island. These little guys have no limbs but can bounce around the island and are adoptable by Club Penguin players. There are over twenty different species of Puffles. Some of the Puffles live freely in the wild and some are exclusively available within the Pet Shop for adoption. With over twenty different kinds of Puffles, there’s a Puffle for everyone. You’re not a paying member yet? That’s ok, there are even two Puffles that can be adopted by non-members as well. These two Puffles are the red and blue Puffles. Paying members can adopt up to 75 Puffles!

Club Penguin PufflesPuffles don’t have any language that we know of, there main form of communication is squeaking. They also have the ability to summons object within their vicinity by telekinesis including small toys. In order to adopt one of these furry little creatures, it will cost the adopter the sum of 400 coins. This is a steal compared to when Puffles were first found. In the beginning Puffles cost 800 coins to be adopted. There are also two Puffles that can’t be outright adopted, they have to found by a quest or mission. Luckily for everyone playing Club Penguin, we can help everyone find and adopt Puffles with our Club Penguin Walkthrough.

Just like any other pet, Puffles need to be fed and cared for. Puffles like to eat apples and Puffle O’s. When you own a Puffle, you also have to make sure you walk them every day, buy toys for them, buy clothes for them and of course, take care of them. Enjoy your Puffles!