Club Penguin Herbert Attack Cheats (Battle of Doom)

Herbert Attack CheatsClub Penguin brings you the latest cheats on how to defeat Herbert P. Bear and his Hydra Bot at the Battle of Doom. You can begin your journey by heading on over to the Everyday Phoning Facility at the Ski Village. At the EPF Building, take a leap and climb the ladder to the Roof of the Everyday Phoning Facility. You will be welcomed by Herbert P. Bear, who will then summon the Hydra Bot — consisting of four Monster Heads.

If you took a dab the Medieval Party Quests, the Battle of Doom Challenge is essentially what you saw in the Third Ye Knight’s Quest. If you are a non-member and were unable to complete the aforementioned task, then you’re in for a treat!

The Hydra Bot features 3 Dragon Heads; each having a weakness that will assist you in completing the Battle of Doom.

Note: You will need to defeat Herbert’s Hydra three times to claim ownership of the Red, Yellow, and Blue Dragon Heads.

Herbert’s EPF Attack – Red Hydra Bot Dragon Head:

Defeat the Red Dragon Hydra by pummeling the beast with snowballs when the devil opens its mouth. You can easily defeat the Red Hydra Bot Dragon Head by using “T” on your keyboard to throw snowballs quickly and efficiently.

Warning: Dodge Fireballs spat out by the Monster. If you’re hit by an incoming ball of fire, you’ll have to start all over again.

Herbert’s EPF Attack – Blue Hydra Bot Dragon Head:

Defeat the Blue Dragon by pummeling snowballs at the Cauldron 3000 — which will pour lava on the Blue Hydra; resulting in defeat. DO NOTE: You can only defeat the beast when the Cauldron is over the Blue Hyrda.

Herbert’s EPF Attack – Yellow Hydra Bot Dragon Head:

Defeat the Yellow Dragon by defending your Penguin Knight with the White Knight’s Shield from laser beams ejected by the Yellow Hydra Monster. You can protect your Penguin Knight in Shining Armor by waiting on the protected slabs.

If you’re a non-member, you don’t need the White Knight’s Shield to defeat the Yellow Hydra, as YOU and the EPF (Elite Penguin Force) are working together to defeat the Hydra. You will, however, have to avoid glowing slabs and take cover on slab’s that are fully charged (green puffle).

Possible Battle of Doom Prizes:

EPF Pin, Red Dragon Head, Yellow Dragon Head, Blue Dragon Head, Message from Gary, 3 Field Ops Medals

Herbert’s EPF Attack – Video Tutorial

Clearly, defeating Herbert’s Hydra Bot at the Battle of Doom is certainly a task that some may find to be a chore, while others may find the battle to be as easy as Field Ops. What do you think of Herbert’s Attack on the EPF and the Battle of Doom? Leave a comment on our Penguin Story entitled Club Penguin Herbert Attack Cheats (Battle of Doom).

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