Club Penguin Guides

These guides are a basic “How to” to make life a little bit easier when playing Club Penguin. Some of the easier “How to” guides are quick and only last a few minutes. If you’re getting stuck somewhere, these guides can help you. We have guides to be:

A Fire Ninja, run around Club Penguin being a fire ninja and wearing an awesome como jacket. You’ll also have the ability to become a ninja sooner if you check out our awesome cheats as well.

A Regular Ninja, but this isn’t just any regular ninja, to become one of these ninjas you’ll have to beat one of the most powerful ninjas on Club Penguin, Sensei. But once you complete this guide, you’ll be HUGE!

A Water Ninja, ok you’ll have to beat one of the big guys to be a water ninja. You’ve got to beat? That’s right. Water Sensei. Good luck with this one! But once you’ve beat him you’ll have a huge amount of water items to take on other ninjas within the game. This ninja could help you on a future Club Penguin Walkthrough.

Tour Guide, ok this one is kind of easy but just encase, we’ll help you out with another guide. Once you’ve completed this task, you’ll be able to lead an army of other penguins to rare and unusual places within the island. This guide is a must have!

Stamp Guide, if you ever need stamps this guide will help you. You can grab hundreds of stamps to keep you happy. You only need this guide and it’s an easy one.

Find Rockhopper, he can be a tough one to find. If you’re not quick, he’ll get away and you’ll have to start over again. These tons of tricks and cheats in this guide, read carefully.