Club Penguin CheatsLet’s face it, there’s a ton of Club Penguin cheats out there. So are very good and other are just horrendous! Why is that you might ask? Well, to put it plain and simple. Over time some cheats don’t work because Club Penguin is constantly being updated by Disney to keep the game play interesting. If they kept it the same, the kids playing Club Penguin would get bored of it and start playing something else.

The cheats that we have are always being updated and checked for their accuracy. We’ve gone through a lot of hours of our time to make sure things are kept up to date. There are many different types of cheats, there are guides that will help you get clothes for your penguin. You can also find help in getting items for your igloo such as painting for your wall, trackers to help you find someone special within Club Penguin like Rockhopper, or maybe a cheat to help you get coins to buy things within Club Penguin. Just to set the record straight, there are a lot of cheats or guides out there to try and make you money in Club Penguin. Be careful which website you go to, some of them aren’t safe and could screw up your computer. Oh, and don’t forget the guides to help you find items available within the catalog system, these catalogs can be some of the most important items. For instance, there was one catalog which helped you acquire Helga’s viking helmet! Well, it was 1,200 coins but you still got the opportunity to buy it because of the catalog cheat . But, probably the best cheats or guides out there are the Club Penguin Walkthrough. These guides will help you succeed in completing the 11 missions that are available within Club Penguin. If you’re looking for cheats, guides, walkthroughs or just plain old information, you’ve come to the right place.