Club Penguin CharactersThere are many Club Penguin Characters within the Club Penguin Island. But, just because you’re on the island doesn’t mean you’ll be able to see them. Some the characters are only there certain times of the year like Rockhopper. He’s only there when he docks his pirate ship at the island. If he’s not there, he’s out sailing the seas. Aunt Artic is another penguin you’ll be able to see. She’s also one of the first penguins you’ll come in contact with if you try the missions within Club Penguin. If you need help with completing your missions don’t forget to check out our Club Penguin Walkthrough for all of the missions. Cadence is a mascot you’ll find as well. She usually can be found playing music or singing while she’s dancing. Rookie is one of the newest penguins on the island. As his name suggests, he’s made mistakes when he first started out but is improving over time!

Let’s not forget about Gary! Gary is one of the coolest penguins around. He’s got every type of gadget imaginable. He’ll also be the one who is always helping you complete your missions. Sensei is one of my favorite mascots. He’s the one who teaches the new penguins how to fight and become a better penguin. He’s also the oldest penguin on the island. The Puffle Handler is the one penguin that does what? You guessed it! She takes care of the all the puffles within the island that haven’t yet been adopted.

There’s also a polar bear that lives on the island who hates penguins, his name is Herbert P. Bear. He hates living on the island and wants it to be a warmer place so he can enjoy the island too. Franky is part of the band and he’s a wild guy. He’s the guitarist in the Club Penguin Band.

Here are many more characters within the island but you’ll have to explore to find them all.