Club Penguin Band Tracker

Club Penguin Band TrackerThe time has finally come for the Club Penguin Band Tracker to arrive. The Penguin Band members will be waddling around the island all throughout the Music Jam, and this year I wanted to bring you a new and improved Penguin Band Tracker! With the new outfits of each member, it will be a little tricky finding them, but here I’ll show you a few tips for this year on how to find each member! But, before we get in to any of that, here is our Club Penguin Band Tracker:

Here are our accurate tips that we have put together for finding the Club Penguin Band:

– Check on the servers that are usually crowded or busy during the day.
– Rooms to check include Backstage, the Dock, the Iceberg, and the Casa Fiesta.
– If you notice a large crowd of penguins in one of these rooms, see if they are in the room.
–  If you think that you have found a Penguin Band member, click on your buddy list icon. Then, check the users in the room and see if there is a band member in the room!
– The Penguin Band members have updated outfits – so look for their new styles, not their old ones!
– Try to help each other find the band by using a chat room.
– If you are using our tracker, remember to refresh the page to have it updated. Keep in mind that they are not always online.
– Once you have found them, remember to receive your free Penguin Band autographed background.
– Please leave a comment if you have found them! Remember to tell us where you found them and at what time.

Here are all of the Club Penguin Band member player cards:

The Penguin Band logs onto Club Penguin daily for special occasions. The band includes members Franky, Stompin’ Bob, Petey K, and G Billy. G Billy appears on Club Penguin as a dark blue penguin with brown hair. Petey K appears on Club Penguin as a green penguin with blond hair and a red hat. Franky appears as a bald yellow penguin wearing a green jacket and purple shoes. Lastly, Stompin’ Bob appears on Club Penguin as a red penguin with brown hair.

As of right now, that’s the complete guide for finding the Penguin Band members. If you have any other advice for finding these characters, please submit a comment on this post. You can also tell us how we can improve our Club Penguin Tracker. I always enjoy reading tips and feedback! It also helps other penguins by publicizing your word.


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