Aunt Arctic is the Club Penguin News Maker

Aunt ArcticA famous news reporter and the chief editor of the Club Penguin Times, the local newspaper of the Club Penguin Island, Aunt Arctic is a character that has gained fame as one of the most important characters of the game. Not only is she a popular news reporter, she is also a the director of Elite Penguin Force. Her Elite Penguin Force codename is The Director which is also a name popularly used to refer to her. She actively participates in protecting the island from various threats including the evil bear, Herbert P. Bear. This Club Penguin character is serious about what she does!

She is a person of method and system – she is very organized and likes to keep things in a systematic and tidy order. She is also very optimistic and tries to make the most of any given situation. This makes her a very approachable character and easy to befriend. She is extremely serious about her job as the director of Elite Penguin Force and makes sure no kind of nuisance makes it to the Club Penguin Island. This Club Penguin character is very well organized and coordinated as well as secretive which makes her ideal for her position. Her job at the Club Penguin Times is one she enjoys a lot. In fact, she has an advice column dedicated to lending advice to fellow those who write to her. Her advice is impeccably smart, concise, and helpful. On some occasions, she lets any one of her famous friends to write the advice column.

Aunt Arctic also enjoys the company of her puffles a lot and has been seen playing with them often. Her love for her puffles can be seen in the PSA mission 1 of the game, Case of The Missing Puffles in which she loses two of her beloved puffles and the player is recruited to help her find them. This mission can be difficult to finish which is why there are several cheats to help in completing the mission.

Aunt Arctic is a very important character of the game and appears on many occasions. She makes appearance in PSA mission 1 of the game as the key character. Being the director of the Elite Penguin Force, she gives many audible orders to the recruited penguin in missions 10 and 11, and Operation Blackout. In Operation Blackout, Aunt Arctic gets captured by Herbert P. Bear in the middle of the game and the player then has to proceed to save the Club Penguin character.

Apart from the missions, Aunt Arctic has also made appearances at parties like Penguin Play Awards in 2009 and 10th Anniversary Party. She is a popular figure in the game and is adored by many.

She has officially stated that she owns five puffles but she has also been seen with two other puffles in the game, which couldn’t be named. She is one of the only three Club Penguin characters that have freckles.

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