All You Need to Know About the Snowy White Puffle

white puffleIn the Penguin Club, there are various species of puffles and they are all part of the puffle family. There is a green puffle, a white puffle, and even a golden puffle. All the puffles have lots of different characteristic and history.

Do you know how the white puffle was found?

Well, the white puffle was fond in a puffle party in the year 2009. It was at the Dojo the cute little white club penguin puffle was hiding inside a bush, but you couldn’t adopt a white puffle just there and then no matter how cute it was. It was on the 6th of March that people started adopting the white puffle.

Where did the White Puffle come from?

The white puffle is said to have come from space. Which makes it so much more awesome and lovable. And that’s not even the best part since the puffle came from space it can fly. Yes, it can. But usually it doesn’t fly because it’s scared but sometimes you will see it fly, and it can breathe in space which is just the cherry on top.

What else can a white puffle do?

Well, apart from being able to fly and breathe in space a white puffle can also breathe ice. They are considered to be the smallest amongst other puffles but also cuter as compared to the others, such as the black puffle. They can slice up their cocktail like a ninja and maybe that is why they love the Doo so much. They have a secret connection with the ninjas.

Since the puffle loves ice so much it’s not a surprise that its favorite toys are ice skates, a snow cloud, and a frozen wave. It’s shy and gentle, but that doesn’t mean its weak it is a very powerful puffle. The funniest part is when the white puffle takes a bath, the water in the bathtub freezes and then it comes out of the bath half frozen which makes it so adorable to look at. But then it shakes it body and all the ice shatters away. It always feels a little shy when other cute puffles surround it. But it loves to bounce up and down and make a snow cloud that it’s favorite play and its dance.

Some Special Features about the White Puffle

The fastest puffle in puffleescape was none other than a white puffle, and when it comes to running on ice, the white puffle is the fifth fastest. There are some awesome action plays that the white puffle can do, these are divided into three categories in accordance with strength, and they are as followed:

Strongest Play: The white puffle makes an ice rink and puts on just one skating shoe and skates really fast.

Regular Play: The White Puffle makes a frozen wave.

Weakest Play: The weakest play of a white puffle is probably is the formation of a snow cloud.

That is all you need to know about the adorably awesome white puffle before you go on over to Club Penguin and adopt one for yourself.

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