About Rockhopper & The Migrator



About Rockhopper & The Migrator

>>About Rockhopper

Rockhopper is known as one of the most favorite Club Penguin Characters. He is a pirate that sets aboard on a ship called the Migrator. Every two or three weeks he sets sail and starts sailing toward Club Penguin for a visit. He comes to Club Penguin from Rockhopper Island. You know when Rockhopper is coming when you look through the telescope at the Lighthouse Beacon. When you look through, you might see him very close to shore, which means he is arriving soon. If he is far away, it means he just started his journey towards the island: Club Penguin.

>>About the Migrator

Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator, will be usually at the Beach whenever Rockhopper visits the Club Penguin island. Any penguin in Club Penguin can aboard the Migrator. No matter how old you are, if your a member or not, etc. His ship, the Migrator, contains much information on the Rockhopper character and more. His journal can always be found in the Book Room. There is almost always a catalog in his ship where you can buy pirate related clothing and more. This catalog can only be accessed when you are on his ship. The catalog with the items you can buy is usually down where the Ship Hold is. When you are down there, just look at the bottom right of your Club Penguin screen. When you click on it, you can buy items from the page if you are a member. They will usually always have at least one free item for the non-members too.

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