A Complete Guide to Club Penguin Stamp Books

Club Penguin Stamp BooksHello Penguins! Club Penguin has recently released the stamp book and the ability of collecting stamps. You can see all your pins and stamps you have already collected in your own stamp book. Along with that, you can also show your stamp book to all of your buddies. Stamps are available for everything: Games, Events, Video Games, Activities and much more!

To find your stamp book, make sure to firstly open your player card. At the bottom of it, below the coins, you’ll see a stamp button. Click it and the stamp book will open! To find your buddies stamp book, also open his player card and press the stamp button, which is right next to message button!

Your stamp book will appear. Did you know you can edit your stamp book, and make it look like you want? There is a complete Club Penguin guide for that but here’s a quick introduction. To do that, simply click the little pencil in the right lower corner!

Now, on the left, you can select what you want to edit and on the above the stamp book, you’ll see all your stamps and pin which you can also add on your stamp book!

In this guide you can change the color of the stamp book, the button style, text color and some more things. You can add up to 6 stamps (pins) at once. After you’re done editing, don’t forget to press the save card which is in the right bottom corner of your screen.

To find out how to get a certain stamp you could use a Club Penguin cheat, or just hover your mouse over it, and a message bubble will show up. It will say you what you have to do, after you do it, you’ll receive the stamp. You may want to check, you might be able to get a stamp when you follow the guide to become a water ninja or an Elite Penguin Force .

As you see in the picture above, there are some stamps for which you don’t have to do anything, like the one with your penguin’s age. There are 4 kinds of stamps: Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme ones to get. They all have different colors, check them out:

Some of them are really hard to get, but some are so easy! For some of them, you need a lot of buddies to help you! This would be the end of outing stamp guides. I really think it should help you because that’s all, most important you should know about stamps. I have 148 out of 287 stamps. Club Penguin will surely add more stamps in the future!

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