Welcome fellow Waddlers to Club Penguin Walkthrough!

In order to be complete the missions you must first be a Penguin Special Agent (PSA). Click here to become a Penguin Special Agent.

If you’ve recently joined Club Penguin Walkthrough you can still complete all the missions by heading into the Elite Penguin Force Command Room. Once your inside you should see a transporter, go through it to complete the missions!


Club Penguin Walkthroughs

There are 11 missions in all:

First Mission – Case of the Missing Puffle

Second Mission – Gs Secret Mission

Third Mission – Case of the Missing Coins

Fourth Mission – Avalanche Rescue

Fifth Mission – Secret of the Fur

Sixth Mission – Question for a Carb

Seventh Mission – Clockwork Repair

Eighth Mission – Mysterious Tremors

Ninth Mission – Operation Spy and Seek

Tenth Mission – Waddle Squad

Eleventh Mission – The Veggie Villian


First Mission – Case of the Missing Puffle

In the beginning you start at Aunt Arctic’s home. After talking to Aunt Arctic she tells you how she went out on an outing and two of her puffles snuck into her bag. When she was still on her outing, the puffles decided to go explore Club Penguin Island without her knowing.

Once you stop talking to your Aunt, leave her Igloo and head on over to the ice rink, there you’ll find your first quest item, pictures of the green missing puffle. You’ll have to pick up these items and put them into you inventory. At this point you should return to Aunt Arctic’s home and show her the pictures you found. She’ll be happy and thank you for bringing her the photos. She now knows that her missing puffles are safe.

Now you must head on over to the Pet Shop and look at the note that is stuck to the wooden hut. The note is unique and changes every time. The note says basically something like this, “How many pairs of socks does G have?” The amount will change every time so you have to decode it yourself. Now head over to the Sports shop. You’ll see a blue penguin named Gary behind the desk. Ask Gary if he has anything special for you. He’ll reply by asking you if you know how many socks does he have. At this point you need to ask Gary if he would happen to have any cool spy gadgets. He’ll then leave the desk and open up a special cabinet. Collect everything in the cabinet and add it to your inventory.

Now you’re off to the Ice Berg! Once you get there you’ll see some penguins stuck on a floating iceberg. Shoot them over your new life preserve that Gary gave you. Now head over to the Ice Mountain and find the brown crying penguin. You should have a special spy telephone that Gary gave you, get it out along with your wrench. Take both of these items and put them on the telescope. You’ve now fixed the telescope and when you look through it you can see the green puffle. Now you need to get out your map and find the tallest mountain. Go to the tallest mountain and get out your grappling hook. Climb the mountain and save both of the puffles. Return them to Aunt Acrtic.


Second Mission – Gs Secret Mission

Ok, this second mission starts of at Gary’s office. So, the first thing to do is go and speak with Gary, so just click on him. Tell him you’re ready for your second mission. Don’t hold back, tell him like you mean it. You’ve got to be confident in your abilities. Before he gives you the mission he’s going to give you a question that you should be prepared for. Just in case you’re not, the answer to his question is mogul.

Now Gary is going to head over to his cabinet where he keeps all his awesome inventions. You’re going to need the sled on this journey so throw it in your inventory. Got it? Ok, let’s head on over to the Ski Mountain to check out the new sled. You ready to take it down the mountain for the first time? Ok, let’s go! If you play on the sled enough you’ll eventually wipe out. That’s ok, you have to have an accident on the sled and end up in the wilderness. Once you’re in the wilderness, find the rope and add it to your inventory, you’ll need it later on. If you look around for a whole you should also see a book called the survival guide, pick that up too.

Ok, so far so good. Now you see that pathway on your left? That’s where we’re going. Let’s go down the path until you find the big bush of berry. Take some of the berries and add them to your inventory as well. Take at least three berries. Ok, this one is a little but tough. You see that tree on your right? Go up to the tree and try to shake it like a crazy penguin! If you shake it enough, it will come out of the pot it’s in. Take the pot just like the other stuff and add it into your inventory.

Ok, let’s keep going down the path. We found some puffles! We want to feed the puffles but we’ve got to do it in a special order. First, the black puffle feed him one of those super tasty berries you picked up before. Ok, now head down the pathway to the left. You see the blue sky? Take the blue ski. Ok, this is a tricky part. Take all three items, the ski, the rope and a berry and make them into a really cool fishing rod.

So let’s keep going, now you’ve got a fishing rod to go fishing! Ok, time to go down the right trail. When you get to another fork in the road, go down the right trial again. Keep going until you end up at the river. Once you get there, take the big log and put it in your inventory. Now, get as close as you can to the river on the left side. Ready to continue? Put the fishing rod into the river and you should be able to catch a fish. Once you’ve caught on, take the fish. Remember that pot you’ve got? Take it out and put the pot in the river and now take it back out. The pot should be full of water now.

We’re now going to take the trail that should lead us straight to big dark cave. Once you get at the cave, move the bushes out of the way and you should enter the cave! Now, once you’re inside the cave you’ll see a rock, put your log on top of the rocks. Then, put your book on top of the logs. That black puffle sure looks hunger, you better give him another berry. You’ve got a nice fire going now! Time to cook that fish so job drop it onto the fire. When the fish has finally cooked, eat some dinner.  Now it’s time for that pot with water in it. Put the pot on the fire too and watch it boil. When it’s hot enough, drink the water but don’t burn yourself!

It’s been a long day, time for some rest. You’ll finally fall asleep. When you’re sleeping, you’ll hear some scary noises outside. Go check it out! A really cool secret agent should be outside. Talk to him and let him bring you back to Gary where you started. That’s it, you’ve completed mission 2!


Third Mission – Case of the Missing Coins

You made it to Mission 3! This mission is a long one so hang in there. At first you’re hanging out with a green penguin who happens to be wearing a red hat. You should start talking to him and eventually he should close the door to the vault that’s right behind him. Once he does you’ll have to bug him to turn around and open the same vault back up again. But, he can’t open the vault it’s now jammed close and won’t open up. You’ll have to turn to the right and go through the office door. Now check under the couch and let us know what’s there. You’ll find two items a paper clip and an old floppy disc. Put both of them in your inventory.

While you’re still in the office, do you see the computer? Ok, go up to the computer and put the old floppy disc in the computer drive. Now turn on the computer, there’s a small button on the front right side of the computer, push in the button. When the old computer finally boots up, click on the folder that says My Files. There should be a file called number combination. Now, quickly write down the combination for the vault. Hurry before anyone comes in and sees you! Once you’re got the combination for the vault, go back down the stairs to the gift shop.

You should be down by the vault now. So, you’ll need to now get out the combination for the vault and input it into the paid on the vault.  Once you’re finally got the correct number in, cluck submit. Ok, the vault should be open now! Go inside the vault and you’ll see a ton of coins on the ceiling. Go check out the coins by clicking on them. Just as you check out the coins, your super cool spy phone should be ringing. Hurry up and pick it up, this could be important! It’s Gary and he’s got an important message for you. Now, on your super cool spy phone, click on the part that says visit the HQ. Once you’ve done that, you’ll arrive back where Gary is.

Click on Gary to see what he has to say to you. There should be a bunch of television screens on the way. Tell Gary you want to watch one of them. It should be the one in the middle that you want to watch. Click on the television screen to watch the video. You’ll have to wait until the video is done. Once you’re done you can quit the screen and start talking to Gary about the video. Ask him if he has any ideas about the video because you’re totally stumped. While Gary is talking to you, you should see a cabinet, go over to the cabinet and open the drawer. Do you see the six keys in the drawer? Take the key that’s the farthest to the left and put it in your inventory.

Now, once you’re taken Gary’s key, you can quit looking that the cabinet. But, before you go, there’s one last thing you need to do. You see the flashlight on the cabinet? Flashlights usually come in handy so you should really pick that up too. You should now be all done with Gary so we’ll have to head back to the gift shop. Once you’re back at the gift shop you’ll have to go upstairs again into the little office. Once you’re upstairs you’ll see a door, that’s what the key is for. Unlock the door and walk through it.

You’re on the roof now! Ok, now get your super cool Spy Phone, this phone is really coming in handy today! Click on tools on your phone and bring out your wrench. You should see something called a power box in front of you. Walk up to the box and put the wrench on the power box. Once you’re done that, click on the box. So your wrench is now on the box. Next you’ll need a paperclip that’s in your inventory as well. Put the paperclip inside of the box but be careful and don’t hurt yourself.  Now you’ve broken the box.

To the left of the box should be a fur on the ground, pick the fur up as well. You’re all done here, time to head into town and see what’s going on over there. Once you’re in town you should see a brown penguin crying in the street. Let him know that you’ll be able to fix any problems he happens to have.

Go into the nightclub but it’ll be dark inside the club. Take out your trusty little flashlight. You should now be in a secret passageway that no one else knows about. Keep going down the hallway and you should come to a boiler room. While you’re in the room look around for the fuse box. Did you find it? Ok, click on the fuse box. You should now try to turn all of the lights green. This might take a while, just randomly turn on lights until all of them are green.

If you still have problems turning on all the lights there should be a piece of paper there to help you turn on the lights properly. Once you’re got all the light on, leave the fuse box and head back to Gary. Give Gary the fur that you found. You’ve done it! You’ve completed Mission 3.

Fourth Mission – Avalanche Rescue

Mission 4 is finally here! This mission is regarding an avalanche on the mountain, your job is to help anyone trapped under the snow. First, you’ve got to go and see Gary, he’ll tell you everything thing you need to know about the mission. When you get to the headquarters and talk to Gary, tell him to open up the gadget place with all the goodies in it. Once you’re inside the room, make sure you reach for the light switch, it’s hard to see in the dark. Now, go get the big thing that looks like a life preserver harpoon. Can you see it over on the top of the bookcase? Yup, pick it up and let’s go hang out at the Village, we’ve got some skiing to do!

Once you’re over at the ski lodge go over to where everyone gets to climb the mountain, do you see anything unusual? There should be a piece of white fur, you’ll need that for later. Put it in your inventory. Wow, did you see the penguin balling his eyes out? You’ll help him later on, first things first. You’ll need to head on over the sign about fishing but don’t forget to first get the fishing rod and stuff it into your inventory as well. Now, check out your inventory, do you see the harpoon and the rod? Click on both other them and they should go together. Ok, time to go back to the ski lodge and hang out at the winter shop. You’ll need to move over to the right side and pick the green belt off of the dummy. You’re filling up your inventory quickly!

You know that super cool spy phone you’ve got? Use it go over by the beach and go into the big building with the lights at the top. Once you’re inside the building you should see a red boat with some rope inside of it. Take that too. Now, you know that rod and harpoon from before? You’ll need to add the rope to it too. You’ve now got the most awesome harpoon ever! Now off to the top of the building. You’ll need to now take the telescope as well. There’s only one way to get the telescope, you’ll need to hold the telescope to remove it, not the screw holding it in. Once, you’ve got the telescope, you know where to put it.

Now, back to the ski lodge and then to the winter shop and then to Gary’s place within the winter shop. You see the place to put the telescope on the right side? Ok, put the telescope on it by the window. Now make sure you’ve got the telescope on correctly, make sure to click on it and see if it’s ok. Ok, when you’re looking through the telescope, remember the arrows and which way they’re going. You’ll have to remember this or write it all down.

You’ll need to go and save the penguins, it’s a tough mission. Ok, off to the Mountain to save from penguins! Once you’re there you’ll see the ridge where you needed to write down your steps. If you take a wrong step you’ll fall down the mountain which won’t feel too good. If you find yourself at the bottom of the mountain you’ll see the crying penguin. You might as well do him a favor and fix his lift. Get your belt out of you inventory and use it to fix his lift. There, that’s your good deed for the day!

If you made it to the cliff without falling off, great job! Now you’ll need to get your harpoon out and break the tree that’s in your way. Once that’s done, take the harpoon and put it through the fence. Ok, you see the penguin in the middle pick him up with your harpoon, just shoot it at him and he should come back. You see the one on the right now? Pick him up next. Ok, now it’s time to put that penguin back in the tree that you just got out of the tree. Since you put the penguin at the top of the tree, he’s too heavy and the tree is starting to topple over. You can now grab the one penguin below the tree. Ok, now to get the penguin that’s stuck on top of the tree. You’ve got three penguins now? Ok, put them on the rock. Once they’re all there, the three penguin will help free the last one under the sled. That last penguin should be fired into the air and up on a higher ledge so you’ll be able to reach him with your harpoon. Now, back to the three penguins, get them and then the fourth one as well. Now that you’ve got all four of them, you’ll need to go to the lift and fix it if you haven’t already.

If you have, take the lift to the ski lodge. You see Gary there? Give Gary the fur you found in the beginning of the mission. Get your award, metal and a letter but be careful, the letter will explode. Congratulations, you’ve finished mission 4!